What is the best solution to stop hair fall?

What is the best solution to stop hair fall?

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Is Hijab the reason behind hair fall?
Hijab is considered a very important object for hair because it protects hair from dirt, dust, and exposure to the sun. But there are some wrong ways to deal with hair under hijab which leads to make it fall.
here are some mistakes and some tips for controlling hair fall:

1. Wearing hijab over wet hair:
Avoid wearing a hijab when your hair is wet, so it strongly affects the Hair follicles and scalp.
For that, you need to wash it well before a period of wearing the veil or dry it with a hairdryer.

2. Tying hair strongly:
don’t tie your hair strongly under a hijab, also when you take it off, so that can lead to damage to your hair, let it loose under the veil to treat your hair gradually.

3. Unchanging the hairstyle:
you should change your hairstyle continually, so that the front hairline does not retract because of the permanent combing to the back, comb it to the right, to the left, and in the middle.

4. Not using the hair nutrients:
For healthy hair use a nourishing shampoo that contains natural oils such as coconut and aloe vera, follow it with a conditioner that does not reach the roots, and use a nourishing serum. And make sure to take vitamins like omega-3 and omega-6.

5. Wearing the same hijab for a long time:
you should change your hijab at least every two days, so don’t wear it constantly, because it absorbs sweat and fats in the hair.


Take care of yourself and your hair and make these tips as a lifestyle, and do not neglect them, so the best choice to have healthy hair through wearing hijab is continuous care. Also, you can ask the expert or speak with your doctor about the ways that help hair loss prevention and make a blood test to be sure of the result that you have.

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