The Top 5 Colors to Wear This Summer

The Top 5 Colors to Wear This Summer

07 أيلول 2020

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The colors of the summer are full of energy and vitality for that you should choose the colors carefully to have a beautiful and attractive look full of life also pay attention to the type of the fabric that you choose for summer

And it’s preferable for the fabric to be contained cotton because it absorbs the sweat the problem that a lot of people are suffering from during the summer.

"The difference between style and fashion is quality." - Giorgio Armani

These 5 colors are the best colors to wear for summer:

1. Light Blue:

One of the biggest color trends to wear this summer: Light colors in general like pastel colors are considered suitable for the heat of summer because they don't absorb the heat of the sun, so try to enter many light colors to your look.


2. Oily or Light Green:

You can coordinate it with many outfits, it’s suitable for all seasons, and it is considered as one of the elegant and calm colors.


3. Yellow:
It fits all skin colors, especially the brown tones, it gives you a bold, vital, and different look.

4. Blood-Red Color:
There are not many girls who dare to wear the red color, it reflects a bold and strong personality for the women who wear it. You can wear it with white, black, or beige color with little makeup and soft accessories. Try to keep your look simple and avoid exaggeration.




An indispensable color for all seasons of the year:

5. White Color:

It reflects neatness and stylishness. Also, it is considered as one of the best colors for summer, because it does not absorb the heat and you can coordinate it with all colors. In addition, you cannot dispense of white color within all your pieces. Whether it is the main piece or a secondary one to your look.





Stay away from dark, or dull colors for the summer, and wear light colors that reflect the beauty of your personality.
Always make sure to change and wear as you like not as others like.

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