How Do You Know Your Body Shape?

How Do You Know Your Body Shape?

13 نيسان 2020

It happens sometimes that you and your friend have the same weight, but you wonder why there are some clothes that suit her and do not suit you? How can you know the clothes that fit your body shape perfectly?

Firstly you have to know your body shape, and to help you with that, bring sewing meter, a paper and pen and measure your following:

- Chest circumference.

- Waist circumference.

- Hip circumference.

After writing your measurements, compare them, and you will find your body shape in these categories:

- Triangle or pear shape:

When your hip circumference is larger than your chest circumference and waist circumference.

- Inverted triangle shape:

When your chest circumference is larger than your hip circumference and waist circumference.

Rectangle shape:

When your measurements of chest circumference, hip, and waist circumference are equal or very close.

Apple shape:

When the chest circumference and the waist circumference are close together, and the hip circumference is smaller than them.

Hourglass shape:

When the measurements of your chest circumference and hip circumference are very close to each other, and the waist circumference is smaller than them.

After you get to know the suitable shape for you, wait for us the coming weeks to talk about the perfect pieces of clothes to these shapes from Zeenatrend

STAY Tuned.

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