What You Do Not Know About Color Coordination

What You Do Not Know About Color Coordination

31 آذار 2020

The world of color is vital and delightful, it has a great connection with psychology, some colors make your mood better, some indicate warmth and serenity, and others denote magnificence.

Why are some people afraid of entering this world? Maybe because they do not know the colors indications, and how they can coordinate it, which helps them either in their clothes look or in coordinating their house’s decoration.

If you do not know the ways to coordinate the colors with each other, I will guide you for more than one site, to help you on that, to have new and different formats, which are very beautiful and make you feel comfortable. 

Colorsupplyyy site:

Which contains the colors circle, that considers as the base of coordination, in which it consists of the main colors, sub colors, and you can determine the way of coordination by choosing two opposite colors, or Contiguous colors, or by colors that intersect as a triangle or a square. All These options are available automatically in this site, and adds some suggestions to coordinate colors in different degrees.

This piece from ZeenaTrend:

Colors format of this dress appears in the second choice (which is the contiguous colors) on the colors circle from this site:

Adobe famous site also offers:

The colors circle in a different way, so you can control more number of colors in a better way, and if you are working in the design domain, you can copy the colors too:

Also, the site allows you to load the photos, to know the coordination of its colors, from the choice (Extract Theme) like this piece from ZeenaTrend:

It appears like this:

Colorhunt site:

It publishes a lot of ready formats continuously, you can enter and choose from these ready formats, or search for formats for a specific color, or for different occasions, and it helps you for optical feeding to develop a sense of colors that you have.

Finally, there is a feature that Google offers which called Palette Creator,

Through this feature you can know the colors in any photo that you like, you can load it by this link:


Like this piece from ZeenaTrend:

To appear like this:

Get out from the form of repetition and habit, and create a world full of colors and happiness, and add Cheerfulness to your life details as much as you can.

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