5 Beautiest Colors You Can Worn With Jeans

5 Beautiest Colors You Can Worn With Jeans

07 نيسان 2020

As it is known wearing jeans give you an appearance far from the formal occasions, and give you a friendly character for visiting friends and having youthful trips filled with adventure and activity.

This type of fabric is considered as one of the most practical fabrics that give comfort and ease to its wearer.

"Anyone can get dressed up and be glamorous, but it is how people can dress their clothes in their days off that are the most intriguing." - Alexander wang

The most 5 colors suit with jeans:

1. Dark blue jeans with earthy colors, like wearing jeans with a shirt or long cardigan of these light earthy colors such as beige.

The degrees of dark vinous:

Like Wearing a shirt, blouse, tunic or an open abaya with jeans, that is suggesting elegance and calm.

You can simply avoid exaggerated decorations with Zeenatrend jeans.



For owners of wheat and brown skin

If you have wheat or brown skin, you should coordinate jeans with the following colors:

3. Sumo: one of the pink color degrees that is suitable for all skin types, especially wheat.

4. Yellow: for a more daring and brighter look, you should wear jeans in different shades with yellow, as it is considered one of the most suitable colors with shades of jeans.

For casual look:

Wear a white jeans with the same color of T-shirt and above it a light blue jacket to have a comfortable look

and far of formalities that is available in veiled fashion through Zeenatrend website.

Avoid over-wearing accessories with jeans to look simpler, and be sure to wear jeans with the sporty white bot to reflect an elegant and comfortable look at the same time.


"Be different to become irreplaceable." - Coco Chanel

Make sure to choose comfortable and suitable pieces of fashion and suits for your personality.

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