How to Choose a Suitable Gift of Clothes to Your Best Friend

How to Choose a Suitable Gift of Clothes to Your Best Friend

06 نيسان 2020

Many of us feel confused while they are choosing a suitable gift for their friends, and most of the time we avoid the choice of buying clothes for them, although it is considered as an easier and more comfortable choice than other choices. What should you know to choose the suitable clothes for your friend? 

There are a group of things you must consider when you want to choose clothes to your friend, and the first one is:


I advise you first to know your friend, by listening to her very well, noticing what she likes and dislikes, following her comments on the Facebook pages will help you too. How many surprises in ZeenaTrend started from this!


You can know the colors that are suitable for your friend either by knowing what the color that she prefers or by her skin’s color.

In this blog (The Way to Choose a Suitable Color for Your Skin) some details to know the colors that suit all skin colors.


You can know the suitable size for her in two ways: either by knowing her weight and height or by knowing the size of her (chest, waist, Hips) in meters.

In ZeenaTrend there is a choice for knowing the suitable size through the body sizes table that you can find under the main sizes of the piece.

Or you can find her suitable size by knowing her weight and tall, through this table:

If your friend is shorter than 160 cm she should take the bigger size.

For example length 155 cm, weighs 70 kg. You should choose the size 48 rather than 46 and so on.

Body Shape:

It is very important to know your body shape and then select the suitable pieces for you when you want to choose clothes. You can see the suitable shape of your friend's body by reading this blog from Zeenatrend: (How to know your body shape).

You can estimate her size too if you do not have her measurements.

If you reach here, know that your friend is very lucky because she has such a friend like you.

And after following these tips, I will be waiting for you to tell me about your experience.

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