How To Unshrink Your Clothes

How To Unshrink Your Clothes

21 كانون الأول 2020

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Of course, you have felt annoyed from shrinking one of your outfit pieces after washing it, and it became smaller than it was and changed in size, especially if it is expensive and your favorite piece.

So why do clothes shrink in the wash? And how can we deal with this problem?

What causes clothes to shrink in the laundry?

The reason behind clothes shrinking is due to the fabric which is made of, before woven it you should tighten it strongly before it becomes usable this creates tension between the molecules. Then, when it is exposed to heat, it breaks down.

There is another reason behind shrinking depending on the extent of moisture contained in the fabrics. When clothes are dried at high temperatures, they lose their moisture, which leads to their shrinkage.

Why are some fabrics affected by shrinkage and others not?

The degree and effect of shrinkage of clothes differ from one fabric to another, depending on the texture of the fabric, some fabrics are woven very tightly, so there are no gaps between its fibers, and some fabrics have large spaces between them, which helps to give space to become more compact; so it shrinks; like cotton and wool.

The more the fabric absorbs the water, the more it exposes to shrink.

7 tricks to treat clothes shrink:

There may be no way to restore the fabrics to their normal position, but we can work on loosening them to try to restore them to their original shape in the following way:

How to avoid shrinking clothes in the laundry? How to clean and care for your favorite piece of clothes? 

1- Prepare a large bowl of warm water. The temperature must be neither too high nor too low.

2- Put per liter of water (15 ml) of baby shampoo or hair conditioner and mix it in water until it dissolves in it; So that to make the texture of the piece lose, helping us reprocess it.

3- Soak the piece of clothes in the water and the shampoo or the used conditioner, for a period of not less than (30 minutes) or more, and the water must completely submerge the piece.

4- After 30 minutes or more of soaking the piece, squeeze it out well of the water, making sure not to rinse it with water; because the shampoo or conditioner must remain on the piece to continue loosening it.

5- Put two towels above each other. Let us get rid of the excess water stuck in the piece after the squeezing, and then put the piece of clothing on top of them, and wrap the towels with the piece of clothing gradually. Then leave them for a period of at least (10 minutes). Because we need the piece to be damp, not wet.

6- Put the piece on another dry towel, and then Stretch the clothes to their original size, and use some tools to fix them (books, coffee cups, etc.)

7-Lay the piece of the clothes flat on the towel until it is completely dry.

In order to be prevented from shrinking your favorite piece, you must always follow the instructions that came with the clothes, whether for washing or ironing.

Do you know how to read the laundry instructions?

Write to us in the comments to answer your inquiries in the next blog.

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