Privacy and safe payment
Privacy and safe payment

Dear customer


In order to serve you in a better way, we request some information such as e-mail and name .., and we do so by informing you about various important offers and announcements, and the use of this information is only by us.

Our system works on the method of statistics and data collection in order to reach a greater number of customers where information is stored in the form of data usable by us through advertising means to ensure the provision of a practical and effective shopping experience and without the use of this information by External parties for commercial purposes


Only the customer can access all the information he enters into the system and only the customer can change this information. Someone cannot access and change this information, and it is kept on company servers in private, providing shoppers with complete confidentiality and secure shopping.

Customer information will only be disclosed to the official authorities in the event that the authorities are required to disclose this information in accordance with the provisions of the due legislation. we use on

(SSL) encrypted protection layer technology

And approved internationally, which ensures full encryption of your card information during the payment process and prevents the process of saving or viewing it completely by obtaining a certificate

256/128 bit SSL

Thus, we offer you 100% safe shopping within the latest global protection systems.

Prepared by  T-Soft E-Commerce.