Best Clothing Colors For Olive Skin

How can some girls choose the best colors of clothes for their skin, which appear their prettiness, and how they avoid the colors that do not suit them?
And why do women with brownish skin face difficulty when choosing the right colors of clothes? And how can they know the colors which highlight their beauty? And what distinguishes them from others?

What is the brown complexion?
The brownish or wheat complexion is from the wonderful brown skin tone colors and it is the tone between the light brown and the medium one. The brown complexion differs according to its tones, there is the light and the tone which tends to brown.

What color do clothes look good on brown skin?
The women with brown skin are the luckiest with colors because they have wider choices than white or dark skin’s women.
Here are the best colors that suit the brown skin tone:

- White color:
the distinctive color that appears the beauty of the brown skin, the best for all occasions, seasons, and it is the color that every girl prefers.

- Warm colors:
one of the best colors for the brown skin is the natural colors, and the warm in the colors circle, like red, orange, burgundy, and gold.

- Pink color:
is considered one of the important choices for brown skin.

- Neutral colors:
such as grey, brown, and beige to look elegant.

How to Choose Hijab Colors to Suit Your Skin Tone?
The brownish complexion is one of the colors that dominate most Arab girl’s skin, most of them are veiled.
The colors of hijab that go with the brownish complexion are the calm and bright colors:
like the blue to highlight your beauty, the green and its tones, nude, and white, and for a bold look choose red.

Colors that do not go with brownish complexion
colors to avoid: black, and dark colors, generally because it increases the absorption of the sunlight that may harm you or the faded colors that will not fit your skin color.

Important Tips for brownish skin Women
-the more your hijab is simple the more you appear elegant and classy, try to make your choices soft and simple, and avoid embroidery in veils.
- You should use the sunblock continually, because of your sensitive skin.
-do not wear the same tone of color for the whole look.
-make sure to refresh your skin continually, to keep it bright by using masks and a steam bath.
- avoid the continuous lightning processes of your skin, so that your skin will not be affected by a large number of products and lose its brightness.


you should know that your brown skin is from the best skin tones, do not be confused, whatever you wear will look beautiful on you, just need some care and attention. You should pick the best colors for your complexion and stay away from the colors that contrast with your skin tone


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