How To Choose Plus Size Dresses For Women

How To Choose Plus Size Dresses For Women


Plus-size women suffer when choosing their clothes, especially when they are choosing the best dress for their bodies. Because they are trying to hide the defaults of the body, to look fitter.

For that Zeenatrend prepared a group of tips to facilitate picking dresses for plus-size women.

How to choose the right dress for plus-size women?

1- One of the ways to follow the principles of fashion for plus-size is to choose dresses that contains inscriptions:

But do not wear dresses with large patterns, it's preferable to wear small patterns, because they deceive the eyes and will make you look thinner than you are.

2- Choose dark colors to make you look thinner:

Your tendencies to wear dark colors like black, dark brown, dark oily, appears your body shape less weight than it is.


3- One of the dresses tips for plus-size woman is to care about the length of the sleeves:

It is recommended to wear long or medium sleeves dresses and stay away from dresses that are without sleeves especially if your hands are fat.


4- The best dresses for plus-size is the soft and light dresses:

When choosing your dress it is preferred to be lightweight, so it does not add extra weight, to increase the agility and elegance for your look.


5- From the ways to choose dresses for plus-size is to be high waist dresses:

This choice helps you to look taller and thinner at the same time, because it will hide the belly area, it is suitable for all looks, formal and casual.


6- Choose long and striped dresses:

Because long dresses will give you more length, so you appear less weight, also the dresses which are striped vertically have the same effect. And stay away from the dresses that are striped horizontally.


Accessories which is suitable for plus-size women:

It is preferable to choose large-sized accessories to cover part of your body, but if you choose small-sized accessories, they will appear to give your body more weight. And choose the size of the bag large as well, so the focus will be on it, so you do not draw attention to your weight. And if you like wearing high heels, it will be great for giving you more height. To fit your body better.


What fabric should plus size women wear?

From the fabrics of dresses that are suitable for women with plus-size: linen, cotton, silk, lace, and crepe. So if you prefer to wear these fabrics, do not hesitate to wear them, because they are suitable for you, as they are light, flowing and they do not focus on the curves of your body.


You just need little care and patience when choosing the dress that suits you, to ensure an elegant and attractive look, and completely suitable for your body.

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